Kamis, 18 Juni 2009


The contents of the world and is an accurate evidence about the existence of the Pecipta.

All that does not happen casually, but there is a menciptaka it.

A creativity that is very high and perfect.

Most work with a very great.

All created by God in the Lord of Hosts.

Long before the existence of god is believed that gods and humans can rival the power of God, God is already making itself a standardization in the creation of this world.

God has created.

There is the sun.

the stars at night.

the month.

atmousfir the air and the earth.

source of water for life. dst

this is all there before God and the gods are considered by a human. If god is indeed correct and sangup rival power of Allah, why the sun is still not one to be two or three and so on

Why days are still in the sky one.

Why is rain water coming down the form.

If the power of God can touch the sun trying to make into two. Likewise a month more beautiful when made into two, three and so on

Rainy any such variations that would that have ever been revealed that not only water, try to change with rain honey.

Question is what may?

God god is in fact not have the power to make a change in the earth, the sky was this. Overall still a standard of God's creation only.

Can then conclude that God is Lord of all lords.

There is no god besides Allah.


source of knowledge of the Holy Qur'an

author tries to provide the understanding that this is hidden from easy the Holy Qur'an that is useful to read's
here we try to open the password from the password message is one to hide his wisdom taken ..
hopefully useful for all.